Apex Legends

When are solos and duos coming to Apex Legends?

by Connor Bennett


After brief tastes, Apex Legends fans have been left wondering when they’ll able to play solo and duo games again. So, here’s what we know.

While it’s rivals in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and even Call of Duty: Blackout focus on squads, solos, and duos matches, Apex Legends sets itself apart by just using Trios matches.

Of course, this is great when you don’t need to leave a fourth player out, but after fans have had a taste of the other playlists, the question remains as to when they will return. In fact, it’s been a question ever since the game launched back in February, but Respawn Entertainment have been monitoring things.

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends fans have been asking for a solos mode ever since release.

Will Apex Legends get a solo mode?

Prior to the Iron Crown event, which was set before Season Three changed the map and finally added Crypto as a legend, the developers revealed that they were taking feedback on if the mode would return.

Of course, since that point, the game has undergone a major change and it hasn’t come back in a normal form just yet, so it remains to be seen as to when that’ll be.

The Fight or Fright event, which has given fans the Shadowfall LTM, is technically a solos mode. However, it’s not the way many players want it to be as it’s not the same as the typical battle royale mode. 

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
Shadowfall technically lets Apex players take on a solo role.

Will Apex Legends get a duos mode?

As for duos, that hasn’t been in Apex Legends yet so its a little more complicated to say whether or not the developers are monitoring that situation also. 

Renowned dataminer That1MiningGuy had previously noted that a ‘no-fill’ option seemed to be in the works prior to season two, which would have given fans an unofficial duos option. 

Regardless, though, the developers have listened to plenty of fan feedback since the game launched, so if the demand is there, who is to say that we won’t see it in-game sooner rather than later. 

Either way, if Respawn does decide to change course and finally give fans what they want, you’ll be able to find everything you need to know right here on Dexerto.