What is the best Apex Legends squad to secure wins with?

Even though the game has been out for over two months, picking up a win in Apex Legends can still be difficult. However, is there really a set trio of characters that will guarantee a victory?

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Since it’s surprise release on February 4, Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends title has become a fixture for battle royale players across the world – with over 50 million players dropping in for at least one game.

Some players are, obviously, more skilled than others and can rack up victories much easier. However, does it really matter which character you play as? Are you only in with a shot at becoming an Apex Champion if you have a Wraith in your trio?

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RespawnApex Legends has a variety of characters – but is there a certain meta to securing a win?

Who is the best Apex Legend?

Well, using stats collected by Play-Apex.net, a website that tracks a wider variety of statistics for Apex Legends, the winningest Legends have been revealed and ranked from best to last.

Unsurprisingly, Wraith tops the charts with a 19.7% win ratio – just shy of the 20% mark – an incredibly high amount compared to other characters. The void goddess is followed by Pathfinder on 19.3%, and Bangalore sewing up the third spot with 18.1%.

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The website also notes the popularity of Legends – with the most popular legends picking up a higher win ratio seemingly because they are used most often than other, not because they are overall better characters with more powerful abilities. 

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Play-Apex.netA full breakdown of the characters and their win ratios.
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How does Octane stack up?

The recently released Octane, who has one of the more entertaining abilities in-game with his Jump Pad, finds himself with a, perhaps, surprising ranking.

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Since being released in Season One: Wild Frontier on March 19, Octane has quickly shot up the popularity charts and in turn, the win ratio of the Legend has also skyrocketed – sitting in fourth place behind Wraith, Pathfinder, and Bangalore – with an 18% win ratio and 16.6% usage rate.

In comparison, less popular but longer-standing Legends like Gibraltar and Caustic, who have 4.3% and 5% usage rates, don’t have the same chances to win as Octane, Wraith, or Pathfinder.

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Do you have to use Wraith?

While it’s clear that any three combinations of Legends can lead to a win (no character has a 0% win ratio), being able to master the more popular characters is certainly going to help your chances.

Selecting a squad of the top three Legends – Wraith, Pathfinder, and Bangalore – isn’t going to matter if you don’t have the skills to outlast your opponents in Kings Canyon. 

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