What is Realm in Apex Legends? How to join and play competitive Apex

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The path to the Apex Legends Global Series is a grueling one, but Realm aims to make it easier for the world’s best players to get noticed. For those interested, here’s how to join Realm and get on the path to being a pro.

Apex Legends has been labeled the most difficult FPS in gaming by some of the biggest names in the community, and attempting to master it is an enormous undertaking.

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While ALGS stardom is quite the upside for those who do reach the top of the game, it takes a mountain of time and effort to make it that far. If you have those kinds of grand ambitions and want a taste of pro gameplay, Realm is the optimal way to get into matches with the best in the world.

This exclusive competitive arena has lofty standards that each entrant has to meet, but the door is largely open for those who clear those benchmarks.

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What is Realm in Apex Legends?

As mentioned before, Realm is the best place for upcoming stars to make a name for themselves in the Apex scene. A $150,000 prize pool per region anchors this solo-queue system which ranks people by individual performance.

Players who generate the biggest impact on their individual squads will see their MMR climb, while those that struggle will fall into the lower ranks. There are cash rewards for the highest performers, as well as the added benefit of having your gameplay seen by the game’s top talent.

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How to join Realm and prove yourself in Apex Legends

The reality of the situation is that not many players will make the cut. The official website and Discord server are the best resources for those who want to join, but here are the general requirements:

  • Previous Challengers Cup/Pro League Qualifier experience
  • Reach Apex Predator in North America (Season 12 excluded)
  • Reach Masters+ in EMEA (Season 12 excluded)
  • Have a Liquipedia page with playing history

Outside of this, only players with strong vouches from those who are already competing in Realm will be allowed to participate.

The Realm matches are streamed on Twitch, with separate divisions for NA and EU players.

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