Apex Legends

What is the max level in Apex Legends - Level cap revealed

by Albert Petrosyan


For those players who have been wondering what the maximum level cap is in Apex Legends, we have some information to share with you.


As with most games that have a leveling system, Apex Legends has a maximum level that players can reach after which they will no longer be able to level up their account.

Players can level up their rank by playing the game and earning XP, with additional XP being awarded for getting eliminations, winning matches, and more.


According to the official Apex Legends FAQ on the EA website, the max level cap is currently set at 100, and it's not clear when or if that cap will be raised down the line.


Of course, there is a lot of incentive for you to level up your rank in Apex Legends, most notably all of the extra content that is awarded throughout the leveling up process.

Although Apex Packs are not awarded every time you level up, you can still earn a total of 45 packs by the time your reach level 100. 

Furthermore, even if you've reached the max level, you can still continue earning additional Legend Tokens by playing the game and earning XP, so there is plenty of reason to continue grinding past level 100. 


It will be interesting to see how this leveling process will work once Respawn Entertainment introduce the Season 1 Battle Pass in Apex Legends, which is set to debut in March. 

For example, Fortnite Battle Royale also uses both player levels and Battle Pass tiers and they function differently from one another as there are separate ways with which they are leveled up.

Fortnite features two different leveling systems - one for the actual player level and one for the seasonal Battle Pass.


But for now, you can keep grinding Apex Legends until you reach level 100, after which you can still earn additional content even though you will not be able to level up any further.