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What is KP in Apex Legends & how do you earn it?

Published: 11/Apr/2022 11:43

by Daniel Megarry


In Apex Legends, earning KP is essential for climbing the ladder of Ranked in the Battle Royale. But what exactly is KP, and how do you earn it in Apex? Let’s shed some light on the situation.

Apex Legends players have been enjoying the battle royale’s competitive Ranked mode for a while now. Here, players are matched with others at a similar skill level, and rewards can be earned during Ranked Seasons depending on how high you climb.

In order to progress through the Ranked Battle Royale ladder and make your way to Apex Predator, you’ll need to score plenty of RP (Ranked Points) during matches. This can be done by winning a match, but also by earning KP along the way.


Below, we’ll explain what KP is, what the maximum amount you can earn is, and why it’s so important for competitive play in Apex Legends.


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Earning KP will help you rise through Apex’s Ranked mode.

What is KP in Apex Legends?

KP stands for Kill Points, and you earn them by getting kills or assists (dealing damage to an enemy within 10 seconds of them being knocked down). In order to level up in Ranked mode, players need to earn RP (Ranked Points), and getting KP is a big part of that.

Each KP is worth a minimum of 10RP (Ranked Points), but there is a multiplier based on how well your team places in a match to make things a bit deeper. The higher you place, the more RP you’ll earn from getting KP, so the key to rising through the ranks in Apex Legends is to both max your KP and win the match.


Apex Legends KP ranked league table explanation

What is the max KP in Apex Legends?

You can earn a maximum of 6 KP (Kill Points) in a single Ranked match in Apex Legends. It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting kills or assists, as soon as you reach 6 KP, you won’t be able to go any higher as it caps there.

As a result, you’ll often see players go for the kill early on to reach the highest KP available, before quickly turning their attention to winning the match: Once you’ve reached max KP, winning is the main goal.

Ranked Arenas mode works a little differently. Instead of RP, you’ll need to earn AP (Arenas Points) to climb the ladder. The only way to earn AP is by winning, so you don’t need to worry about KP in this mode.


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