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What happened to the blue supply bins in Apex Legends Season 4?

by Connor Bennett


Dataminers That1MiningGuy and ILootGames have had an Apex Legends developer confirm the fate of the blue supply bins that appeared in teasers for Season 4 – and it’s not good news if you’re on the hunt for one.

Prior to the release of Apex Legends season four – which gave fans the chance to finally play as Revenant, grab some brand-new cosmetics, and play the updated World’s Edge map – there had been teasers about what was set to come. 

In a few of these teasers, most notably the trailer for the new season, eagle-eyed fans of the battle royale title noted that they had spotted brand-new blue supply bins. While they were never confirmed to appear, players immediately speculated about what could be inside these bins – including, perhaps, the guarantee of upgraded loot.

Blue Supply Bins in Apex Legends Season 4
6acee via Reddit
Some players noted that blue supply bins appeared in teasers for Apex Legends Season 4.


Well, season four released back on February 4, and there haven’t been any confirmed sightings of the new colored supply bins. The reason for that, though, has been revealed via That1MiningGuy and ILootGames’ Data Den podcast

“One of the staff members from Respawn, one of the developers, they confirmed that the blue bins is just something that slipped into the screenshot but it is not for this season,” explained ILootGames. 

As for the reason why, That1MiningGuy noted that the blue bins themselves are for playtesting so that people who test the game can quickly use specific items instead of needing to go around and search through a whole host of normal supply bins.

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The dataminer also confirmed that there are ‘rarity bins’ in the game’s code, meaning that something could come in the future that allows players to get better loot from specific bins, but for now, the blue bins won’t be popping up in-game any time soon.

Though that will no doubt disappoint a few players, it is just something that Respawn will have to keep an eye on in the near future – making sure nothing else accidentally slips through the cracks and builds hype.