What are dragons and flyers doing in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends fans have had an indication for some time now that dragons would be entering the fray. Yet, after their recent release, it begs the question of what they will actually do in-game?

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The flyers were introduced to Apex Legends following the June 20 update, with players immediately spotting them circling the skies as they dropped into games.

While some may have cowered for their lives, others quickly began thinking of ways to interact with them and wondered what Respawn Entertainment had in-store for players with the arrival of these beasts.

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[ad name=”article2″]Respawn Entertainment / Epic GamesDragons have been teased for Apex Legends prior to the new update.

It is that curiosity which has revealed what the dragons are actually here to do. Apex fans discovered that shooting at the flyers would lead to them dropping loot boxes – blue, purple, and gold varieties, to be exact.

However, some may have been left surprised when they received the box and it was with a friends name – similar to how death boxes appear. Yet, if your friends haven’t tried Apex Legends yet, you will be greeted with a box from one of Respawn developers.

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Reddit: FrozenFrohA gift from the flyers and the developers themselves.[ad name=”article3″]

Can you ping the flyers?

As with anything in Apex, you are able to call it out and ping its location. Reddit user Lord_Sprikenham discovered that each legend has different call-outs for locating, and downing, one of the flyers as well, with a few nods to their lore.

Be sure to listen out of for Bloodhound calling them ‘sky beasts’ when you’re not keeping your eyes to the skies, too. That’s a new feature.

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Can you ride the flyers?

After figuring out that these creatures wouldn’t begin breathing fire or shooting off soundwaves if you touched them, players thought up new ways of interacting with the beasts. It became apparent that Pathfinder’s grapple could be shot at the dragons in a bid to get up to their level.

Sadly, even if you are able to hit a perfect grapple shot, you won’t be able to climb on the back of the dragon and fly around as if this were Game of Thrones. Instead, you could end up flying over them completely just like Redditor Noaiche.

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Will there be more dragons in Apex Legends?

It also appears as if these beasts won’t be the only ones joining the party at Kings Canyon. According to dataminer That1MiningGuy, there are in-game files that hint at much bigger, and more deadly, dragons in the near future.

That1MiningGuy referred to the beasts that are currently in-game as ‘scouts’ and that players can expect to see bigger leviathans – and even swarms – soon. Swarms are another obvious link to Titanfall, where they were able to rip ships out of the sky. What that means for Apex Legends, however, is yet to be seen.

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Now, it remains to be seen as to when any of this is actually added to Apex Legends, but as it stands, the flyers aren’t dangerous and are actually helpful. For now, at least.

Just be wary of giving away your position when shooting at them or as Noaiche showed, trying to get on their back and completely ruining your own game.