Weird Apex Legends climbing bug is ruining Revenant’s ultimate


Apex Legends players have uncovered a strange bug that prevents Revenant from returning to his Death Totem ultimate if he’s climbing any sort of structure. 

The character was introduced at the start of Apex Legends’ fourth season, with the Synthetic Nightmare taking the place of Forge – who had been expected to join the roster of legends. Since then, Revenant has become a regular figure on both World’s Edge and Kings Canyon.

Though, the terrifying figure hasn’t been without issues. Despite being the newest legend, players have suggested plenty of changes for his abilities moving into season five and beyond. Yet, before Respawn Entertainment gets to that point, they might want to address a new bug that is ruining the character’s Death Totem ultimate.

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Respawn Entertainment
Revenant is one of Apex’s darker legends.

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The new issue was pointed out by Reddit user Se0z, who showcased a video from their recent game playing as Revenant. The Redditor was in Death Protection mode as they attempted to scale the side of a building, yet, they were shot down before they could reach the top.

While this should send Revenant flying back to the Death Totem, that didn’t happen for Se0z Instead, they were left at the mercy of the player who had just wiped out their health – leading to a pretty quick elimination.

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While some might write it off as a one-time-only bug, the Redditor even tried it again in the Firing Range practice mode and ended up with the exact same outcome – a quick death and no teleporting back to the Death Totem. 

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Of course, with season five set to release in only a couple of days on May 12, Respawn might have a few issues in getting a fix worked out and added to the forthcoming patch for this bug. Revenant players will no doubt be hoping that they can get things straightened out but we’ll just have to wait and see.