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Weird Apex Legends bug places players into Ranked matches that have already started

Published: 24/May/2022 17:23

by Alex Garton


A bizarre bug is refilling Apex Legends Ranked matches that have already started with new squads, spawning them in random locations on the map.

Apex Legends Season 13 introduced Newcastle, Ranked Reloaded, and a new POI to Storm Point, giving the community plenty of content to get stuck into.

Although Saviors has received a positive reception so far, as with every seasonal update, there have been a few glitches and issues that have affected the overall gameplay experience.

Whether it’s Xbox lobbies being crashed or issues with Ranked RP protection when players aren’t placed into a full group, it’s safe to say Season 13 has had a few hiccups since its release.


Despite this, it’s a new bug that will definitely be the most concerning problem for the devs, as players appear to be getting placed into Ranked matches after they’ve already started.

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Apex Legends Season 13 arrived on May 10.

Apex bug causing Ranked matches to refill with players

Ranked is Apex’s most competitive mode and gives the community a chance to test out their skills against opponents of a similar level. As a result, it’s important that every match is as balanced as possible and puts every competitor on a level playing field.

Unfortunately, a bug showcased on the game’s subreddit by user Crawg shows a bizarre glitch that’s causing Ranked matches to be refilled by new squads after they’ve already started.


After queueing for a match, Crawg and their squad were immediately placed into a Ranked match that had reached the second ring.

Not only that, the number of squads in the lobby shot up from 17 to 20 as soon they arrived in-game, suggesting another two groups were also added to the match.

Can someone explain how we just got placed into the middle of a ranked game? from apexlegends

It’s hard to know how widespread this bug is currently as the devs have not responded to the issue just yet, but it’s definitely a concern for those grinding Ranked.

Having more competitors added to the match halfway through not only reduces your chances of winning but also increases the likelihood of getting third-partied.


Without a doubt, Respawn will need to address this problem as soon as possible, otherwise, it has the potential to undermine the entire Ranked system.