Wattson gets cozy in Apex Legends fan’s Nessie onesie skin

. 2 years ago
Wattson Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment

Nessie has been an easter egg across all three titles in the Titanfall universe—and now, artist ‘KenobiCat’ has invoked the character in full plush glory as a skin concept for Apex Legends’ Wattson. 

Everyone’s favorite Lochness Monster plushie, Nessie, has been one of Respawn Entertainment’s greatest not-so-hidden secrets. You can find the little buddy hanging out across King’s Canyon, but that’s not enough for Wattson, who may be a bigger fan than we first realized.

nessie apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
Look at Nessie. Little head, little body, and a big heart being in the middle of a battle royale like that.

Nessie is a bright green delight, with buttons for eyes and a zipper down the back. While Apex Legends’ Lochness Monster-esque creatures, the Levianthans, are gigantic, and the Nessie plush is little, Nessie Wattson is adorably somewhere in between. 

The skin concept features Wattson in a comfy looking green onesie, with a hood marked by Nessie’s little beady eyes, gloves with some reptilian energy, and a hilarious plushie-covered backpack that puts the “owo” in “showoff.”


Sure, the skin may be a little too Fortnite for some Apex Legends fans to fancy—but some people were also bothered by Mirage’s incredible Heirloom being a silly, egotistical statuette. The real world is full of both serious and goofy things, so please don’t complain that this concept isn’t realistic enough when the game has actual stuffed toys chilling throughout the map.

And at least it makes more sense than Rainbow Six Siege’s Mozzie pizza skin. That skin, while absolutely hilarious and magnificent, drew some controversy from the R6 community for not fitting their expectations for a legitimate combat experience; bhopefully that wasn’t enough to dissuade Respawn Entertainment from considering this concept.

Respawn’s Principal Animator Moy Parra animated the original Nessie Wattson inspiration for a cartoon celebrating Apex Legends’ milestone of 250,000 subscribers on YouTube. In that video, they drew explicitly on the contrast between a light-hearted Wattson dressing as her favorite stuffed animal and the ever-serious Revenant with his relentless bloodlust.

In KenobiCat’s iteration, the onesie is revamped and Wattson’s backpack is added with children’s alphabet blocks comprising the electric ‘wings,’ held up by two parallel Nessie plushies.

The “uwu” alphabet blocks may be a little much, as are the chunky red and white sneakers that don’t seem to match the rest of the ensemble, but overall this is a very fun skin idea and one can only hope that Parra’s coworkers are giving it real consideration.

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