Voice of Bloodhound gives behind the scenes look into fan-favorite Apex Legends character

Respawn / IMDB

Voice actress Allegra Clark gave Apex Legends fans a behind-the-scenes look into her work on tactical character Bloodhound with a surprise performance on Twitter.

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Clark posted a tweet on February 28, where she explained that Bloodhound’s voice had been lowered a few “steps” in post-production for the game.

She went on to demonstrate how Bloodhound sounds in pre-production, and used her natural voice to shoot off a few of the character’s lines.

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“If I remember correctly, they knocked it down a half step or two, and I think that’s the pitch where I placed their voice,” Clark wrote of her performance. “It’s hard to tell with the processing.”

Clark went on to state that she’d used an ‘Old Norse’ accent for Bloodhound, and reiterated the fact that the character is non-binary when confusion arose as to Clark’s gender in playing the role.

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Respawn, PolygonVoice actress Allegra Clark revealed that Bloodhound’s voice had been lowered a few pitches in post-production to better fit the hunter.
https://www.polygon.com/apex-legends-guide/2019/2/13/18222353/bloodhound-tips-tracker-eye-of-the-allfather-beast-of-the-hunt[ad name=”article3″]

Fans were awe-struck by Clark’s performance, with many applauding her skills in portraying the staple Legend.

“If you could just read off a recipe for apple pie, as Bloodhound, my life would be made complete there,” one fan wrote in a humorous reply.

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“I think you just earned the title of ‘Scottish Mom’ – or is ‘Norse Hunter’ better?” another responded.

Clark even encouraged players to main Bloodhound upon her announcement of the role in early February – the same day as the game’s release on February 4.

Respawn, Dot EsportsApex Legends was a smashing success upon release, earning 25 million players in its second week.

Apex Legends has since been met with critical acclaim, and even saw a whopping 10 million downloads just 72 hours after going live – later spreading to 25 million players in its second week.

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