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Viral Apex Legends TikTok shows how Valkyrie can abuse obvious camping spots

Published: 25/Oct/2021 22:42

by Alan Bernal


An Apex Legends TikTok is going viral after seeing how easy it is to abuse obvious camping spots with Valkyrie to take teams by surprise.

Respawn Entertainment’s Season 9 Legend is unique in her ability to fly and take vantage points no other legend can readily access. Though the fuel for her VTOL Jets is limited, they give ample opportunity to ambush opponents.

TikTok user ‘vcartervkk’ showed how Valkyrie can abuse some of the tallest objects in the game. Not only can she avoid most fights this way, but she can also take entire squads by surprise at a whim.


Vcartervkk can be seen hopping between Kings Canyon treetops, utilizing the biggest landmarks on the battlefield to go over people’s sightlines.

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This worked a bit too well in the video seeing as they made it without their duo to one of the last rings in the game.

At this point in the game, players are scanning every piece of the environment since there’s limited space to operate in. Even still, Valkyrie was able to completely sidestep any danger from her position.

As other teams worried about what they could see in front of them, Vcartervkk was calmly out of sight raining down grenades for heavy damage.


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Respawn Entertainment
Valkyrie’s abilities give her unique tricks for the best viewpoints in Apex Legends.

Apex players interested in using the trick could run into some problems. The most obvious danger is getting spotted since you’re rather defenseless standing on a tree.

Furthermore, if the zone pushes Valkyrie off her perch, then make sure to plan for the next step. That could mean anything from having another treetop to abuse or dropping the ruse and going in guns blazing.

As the video shows, if Valkyrie loses her footing then it can land her in a lot of trouble. While your mileage may vary in Apex Legends, there’s plenty of people you can pick off as Valkyrie with this strat.