Viral Apex Legends TikTok shows exploit for crazy long Pathfinder ziplines

Alex Garton
Apex Legends Pathfinder zipline exploit
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An Apex Legends TikTok has gone viral showcasing how to perform a Pathfinder Ultimate exploit that doubles the Forward Scout’s zipline length.

With every character in Apex Legends having a unique set of abilities, players are desperate to learn everything there is to know about their main Legend.

Whether it’s Seer, Gibraltar, Bloodhound, or any of the other Legends on the roster, the community is always discovering new mechanics, strategies, and sometimes even exploits to use in-game.

It’s these newly discovered tricks that really grab the attention of the Apex community, and that’s exactly what happened with a viral TikTok showing off an exploit involving Pathfinder’s Ultimate.

Despite being a relatively simple trick, it allows the Forward Scout to double the length of his zipline.

Pathfinder exploit Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Pathfinder’s Ultimate is the perfect rotation tool for squads.

TikTok shows off Pathfinder Ultimate exploit in Apex Legends

While the majority of players looking to master Pathfinder focus on his grappling hook Tactical, a viral TikTok has showcased a new mechanic or exploit involving his Ultimate ability.

Although his zipline appears to be relatively straightforward at a glance, rossbobsquirrel discovered that it’s possible to double the length of it by following a few simple steps.

The content creator begins by aiming the Pathfinder Ultimate at a location of his choice, then canceling it to disable the indicator. He then runs to a spot further away that still has the original location in his sightline

After activating the Ultimate once again and aiming it in the air above the first location, it’s possible to place it down, but this time at nearly double the length of the original zipline.

If the TikTok video doesn’t load below, click here.

While this technique is certainly not an intended mechanic and is therefore considered an exploit, it’s hard to know whether Respawn will think it’s necessary to fix it.

Any player that wants to perform the trick has to run backward making the technique a poor rotation tool, but it’s certainly fun to fly on a 200m long zipline.

With other bugs present in-game that are affecting player’s gameplay, it’s unlikely the devs will be making this exploit their main focus.