Valkyrie Ultimate exploit teleports players across the map in Apex Legends

Apex Legends ValkyrieRespawn Entertainment

A Valkyrie exploit has been discovered in Apex Legends that allows her to rewind time and teleport across the map using her Ultimate.

Since her release all the way back in Season 9, Valkyrie has become an extremely popular Legend in the community thanks to her incredibly fun kit and links to Titanfall.

Equipped with a huge amount of mobility, rotation options, and of course, disruption from her Tactical, she’s a force to reckoned with in the right players’ hands.

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Despite this, the Winged Avenger has had her fair share of bugs and glitches over the past few seasons, often relating to her Ultimate.

Well, another exploit has been discovered that’s caused by her Skyward Dive and it’s allowing players to rewind time and teleport across the map.

Apex Legends ValkyrieRespawn Entertainment
Valkyrie was released back in Season 9.

Valkyrie exploit allows her to rewind time in Apex Legends

Discovered by Dergus and showcased by Apex Legends YouTuber RossBobSquirrel, a new Valkyrie exploit has been found that allows the Winged Avenger to teleport across the map.

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The exploit makes it possible for players to take off with Valk’s Ultimate Skyward Dive and then as soon as they’ve landed on the ground at a new location, teleport back to where they originally activated the ability.

While this glitch doesn’t give players a huge advantage, it does make it possible to scout out areas for opponents and escape enemy squads that attempt to follow the path of the Ultimate.

Keep in mind that using this exploit in a match may result in your account being suspended, as Respawn has ramped up their efforts to ban players who abuse glitches.

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It’s safe to say this exploit is extremely situational, so it’s likely a fix for the bug will not be a priority for Respawn, especially with Season 13 on the horizon.

Despite this, the ability to rewind time may result in some squads missing out on kills if the glitch is used in certain scenarios, so hopefully, the devs can patch this out as soon as possible.

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