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Valkyrie Heirloom in Apex Legends revealed: New Suzaku spear

Published: 16/Jun/2022 16:55

by Calum Patterson


Valkyrie has finally got her spear: the new Suzaku heirloom is coming to Apex Legends in the Awakening Collection event, and it’s one of the flashiest heirlooms we’ve seen yet.

Much to the disappointment of Loba mains everywhere, Valkyrie is skipping the queue and getting her heirloom first.

Of course, this heirloom has been leaked numerous times already, so it may come as little surprise to see the final product for some, but at least we have the official reveal now to put any rumors to rest.

As expected, Valkyrie is getting a speak – true to the lore of mythic Valkyries. It will arrive in the Awakening Collection event, which also brings a Lifeline Town Takeover and the return of the Control LTM.


Valkyrie heirloom in Apex Legends
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The Suzaku is Valkyrie’s heirloom – finally official.

As with previous collection events, you have a couple of options of how to get the heirloom, although none are cheap. Either ‘complete’ the collection by unlocking all 24 cosmetics in the event, or wait until the event is over to get it from the Mythic shop.

The heirloom, named Suzaku, has a number of impressive animations, including one where Valkyrie literally eats a bowl of noodles.

This was all actually leaked before the official reveal of the heirloom, so there’s a good chance that many Apex fans knew this was coming.

You can check out the full preview of the heirloom here:


For Loba mains, the wait for her heirloom goes on – surely it will be next season, right?

There are also now Mythic skins, such as Bloodhound’s, and leaks point to Banglore being next to get hers, maybe sometime in Season 13. For now, Valkyrie, who is the most popular post-launch Legend in Apex, by pick rate, will be blessed with her exclusive melee item first.

The Awakening Collection event starts on June 21, and will run for two weeks.