Valkyrie Heirloom has amazing rare and special animations for Titanfall and more

Valkyrie Apex Legends HeirloomRespawn Entertainment

Valkyrie’s Suzaku spear Heirloom has countless special animations in Apex Legends, with one even including a direct reference to Titanfall.

Apex Legends’ Awakening Collection event arrived on June 21 and it’s shaken up the loot pool, introduced new cosmetics, and added Lifeline’s Town Takeover.

Despite all of these exciting additions, Valkyrie’s Suzaku spear Heirloom is getting most of the attention and it’s easy to see why.

The spear follows on from Crypto’s Biwon Blade, with Respawn putting a tremendous amount of effort into every single animation.

With countless special and rare interactions, it’s without a doubt the most impressive Heirloom so far in Apex Legends and even includes an amazing Titanfall reference.

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Valkyrie Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment
Valkyrie’s Suzaki Heirloom can be obtained by unlocking all the items in the Awakening Collection Event.

All of Valkyrie’s special animations in Apex Legends

While the melee hits on an Heirloom are what users will be seeing most of the time, it’s the rare and special interactions that really capture the attention of the community.

One of the most impressive animations for Valk’s mythic cosmetic includes a ramen bowl, and although it’s not rare, it’s definitely unique.

Next is a rarer interaction showcased by Apex YouTuber Grrt and is only possible to perform by pulling out the Suzaku while sprinting.

According to Grrt, it took him over 20 minutes to pull off the interaction that involves Valk throwing a Predator calling card into the air. If you have seen it before, you can check it out below:

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Finally, Also Gaming Merchant has presented what is perhaps the most impressive animation as it contains a direct reference to Valk’s dad, Viper, from the Titanfall series.

Crouching and then using the inspect function will cause Valk to pull out her dad’s helmet and say: “Sorry, dad, I’m looking out for a new legacy now, mine”.

Overall, Respawn has done an incredible job with Valkyrie’s Suzaku Heirloom and continues to raise the bar with each new collection event.

The question is, which lucky Legend will be next on the list to receive a mythic tier cosmetic?

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