Valkyrie can glitch into massive cave system under Kings Canyon in Apex Legends

Valkyrie in Apex Legends with her jetsRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players may have found the ultimate rat spot hidden under Kings Canyon, as Valk is able to access a “massive cave system” to get anywhere she wants. 

There are plenty of different playstyles to take when you want to win in Apex Legends. You can be the ultra-aggressive kill leaders who take on all comers, the slow playing edge of the zone gatekeepers, or you can use rat spots.

Rat spots, which can sometimes only be accessed by specific legends, have always been a hot topic with players given how powerful some of them can be. In the past, Respawn have even had to alter parts of the map to ensure that players can’t get into them.

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And, they may have to do it again as there is a “massive cave system” under Kings Canyon that only Valkyrie can access – but she can get to any part of the map she wants while using it.

valkyrie using jetpack in apexRespawn Entertainment
Valkyrie’s jets means she can access some unique areas.

The spot was uncovered by YouTuber Dirty Skirty, who claimed that it took about two hours of searching to uncover, as well as a whole load of testing.

As with some other spots, the game tries to force the player out of it using the push barrier mechanic. However, Valkyrie’s jets make it possible for her to clear the pushback and get around.

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The cave system starts all the way on the Swamps side of the map, but as the YouTuber shows, it can be navigated using her jets. Though, the screen will start to look pretty funky at points, and you’ll likely get banned for exploring the spot, seeing as it is ultra-powerful.

Some fellow Apex players were left baffled by the find, questioning just how players manage to stumble upon it – as well as wondering how Respawn hasn’t patched it up yet.

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If it does become a problem, though, it won’t be long before the devs tackle the issue.

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