Valkyrie bug actually makes her a Support character in Apex Legends

Valkyrie Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

A powerful Valkyrie bug involving her Skyward Dive Ultimate is turning the Winged Avenger into a Support in Apex Legends.

Over the past few seasons, Valkyrie has risen up to become one of the strongest characters on the Apex Legends roster, maintaining an impressive 9.9% pick rate.

Her ability to rotate an entire squad of danger, disrupt fights with her rockets, and use her jetpack to reach power positions makes her a formidable force in the Outlands.

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Not only that, as a Recon character, she can also scan beacons to identify the location of the next ring, making it easy to stay ahead of the competition in terms of positioning.

Well, if that wasn’t enough, a strange bug is transforming the Winged Avenger into a Support as well, allowing her to carry downed teammates to safety with her Ultimate.

Valkyrie Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Valkyrie was added to Apex Legends back in Season 9.

Valkyrie bug allows downed teammates to use her Ultimate

Posted to the Apex Legends Reddit on June 22, user sicko-mod has showcased a powerful bug involving Valkyrie’s Ultimate that allows her to carry downed teammates out of danger.

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While attempting to escape a set of enemies, sicko-mod and their teammate launched into the sky using Valk’s Ultimate. Unfortunately, the opposing squad spotted them and managed to down sicko’s teammate mid-animation.

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Usually, this would result in the downed player detaching from the Ultimate and falling to the ground, but a strange bug simply allowed sicko to fly down to safety and revive them with ease.

A lot of players in the thread were convinced she had received a “silent buff”, but according to the comments, this glitch is fairly common with her Skyward Dive.

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While this isn’t a game-breaking bug, it was likely very frustrating for the opposing team who managed to land a lot of accurate shots to secure a kill.

With how powerful Valkyrie already is in the current meta, issues like this only make her stronger so it’ll be interesting to see whether the devs will prioritize a fix in the near future.

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