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Updated recoil patterns for all weapons in Apex Legends Season 4

Published: 16/Apr/2020 11:45

by Daniel Cleary


Every weapon in Apex Legends has predictable recoil patterns, so here’s how you can learn all of the updated patterns in Season 4.

Apex Legends is filled with unique characters that each come with their own ability kits which can change the course of a match.

However, the core gameplay of the popular first-person shooter still requires players to be accurate with their weapons and controlling recoil is massively important for those looking to climb the ranks in Apex Legends.

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Recoil patterns have been updated for Apex Legends Season 4.

As with many FPS titles, each gun comes with its own unique spray pattern that players can learn to counteract the weapon’s recoil.


Although it can take time to master some of these patterns in-game, it provides players with a significant advantage once they do, particularly in medium to long-range gunfights.

A simple image guide on how players should move their mouse or analog stick to counter weapon recoil in Apex Legends was created by Reddit user u/iedise, who shared updated patterns for the game’s weapons in Season 4.

Recoil patterns in Apex Legends.
Updated weapon recoil patters in Apex Legends Season 4.

While the recoil in some guns is fairly straightforward, there are a few weapons, such as the Spitfire, that have crazy recoil patterns that can prove a challenge for anyone.

Weapons like the Havoc or the Alternator, on the other hand, are probably among the easiest to master as players simply need to pull their crosshair down when firing at a high rate.


Recoil is usually added to games to make it harder for players to hit their shots, rewarding those who put the time in to learn some of these patterns for their weapons of choice.

With so many guns available in the popular battle royale, it is unlikely that you will be able to perfect your aim with every one of them, but some understanding of how they work can give you a massive boost during your next match.