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Unique Apex Legends character idea would rival Octane

Published: 16/May/2020 17:03

by Andy Williams


With Loba bringing a welcomed shift to Apex Legends meta in Season 5, this clever Octane-inspired character concept would add a little rocket fuel into the action.

The Apex Legends meta changes from season to season. With new Legends and weapons becoming a regular occurrence, players need to adapt in order to stay on top.

One Legend that has fallen to the bottom of the pile is Octane. After being introduced to the fold in Season 1, the Adrenaline Junkie is relatively underpowered when compared with the likes of Gibraltar and Mirage — who have both been buffed over time.

Octane in Apex Legends.
Octane is Apex Legends’ most agile character, but offers very little in terms of utility.

Since Octane is arguably underpowered, one fan has taken the bones of the adrenaline-fueled character and transformed them into an entirely new Legend.


Meet ‘Rocket Boy’. Equipped with a Jump Kit, the young Legend comes with ties into the Titanfall universe as a Salvager in the Frontier.

Indeed, it’s his Jump Kit which all of Rocket Boy’s abilities revolve around. Just like Octane, the Legend is focused on agility, yet this concept packs a bit more of a punch.

Their Passive Ability ensures that they’re a whip hand when it comes to drawing their weapon, giving them the upper-hand should enemies be close-by when landing.

Their Tactical would allow for temporary protection from all angles while emitting damage to nearby enemies — ideal for if you get swarmed by an enemy team.


To top things off, Rocket Boy’s Ultimate would give them the ability to propel themselves into the air – akin to Octane’s Launch Pad – which would be perfect for a quick escape, providing enemies don’t shoot you out of the sky. All of the Legends abilities are detailed below:

  • Passive: Coming in Hot — Instead of slowing his descent gradually, Rocket Boy prefers to give his modified Jump Kit an extra twist of the throttle — meaning he lands slightly faster than other Legends. The extra burst of fuel kicks-up a flash of heat that damages opponents caught in the blast radius.
  • Tactical: Blast Shield — Rocket Boy’s modified Jump Kit emits a constant stream of extreme heat and pressure making him temporarily invulnerable and damages enemies in his immediate vicinity.
  • Ultimate: Ad Astra — Rocket Boy can launch himself straight into the sky and glide back down to earth without the need of a Jump Tower or Geyser.

While some fine-tuning would be needed (such as the radius for Blast Shield), the Legend would definitely rival Octane as the most agile in the game, while still having a few nimble tricks up their sleeve.

Even if Rocket Boy isn’t implemented into the Apex Games, perhaps Respawn could draw inspiration from their Jump Kit should they decide to rework Octane — which could potentially see him mixing with the likes of Wraith and Pathfinder in seasons to come.