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Apex Legends

The Ultimate Apex Legends Quiz

Published: 27/Mar/2019 18:45 Updated: 26/Mar/2020 20:06

by Albert Petrosyan


Brought to you by Razer. Check out everything about Team Razer and their esports story here.

With Apex Legends approaching its third month since launch, it’s time to test out how much you really know about the record breaking newcomer to battle royale in our Ultimate Apex Legends Quiz.

Barely days after release, its explosion in popularity saw the game blitz past multiple records and hijack the attention of just about every battle royale fan going.

Having introduced never-before-seen mechanics in the genre, such as the Ping and player respawn systems, Apex Legends was quickly touted as the game that could, one day, even challenge Fortnite.

Hopefully you’ve been paying attention to some of its finer details and nuances amidst the frenzy, because our quiz is about to push your knowledge to its limits across four distinct sections on the following themes:

  • Round 1 Powered by Razer: Guess the name of the weapon based on the sound of it being fired.
  • Round 2: Test your knowledge of various weapons, items, attachments, and more.
  • Round 3: Challenge your memory of the numerous Legend Abilities in the game, including Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate Abilities.
  • Round 4: Put your map skills to the test to see how well you know your way around King’s Canyon.

Once you’ve completed the quiz, you’ll be placed into one of four categories based on how many questions you answered correctly. True champions should be scoring at least 17 out of 20.

Ready? Good luck!

Apex Legends

When is Apex Legends coming to Steam? Release date, cross-play, more

Published: 23/Oct/2020 16:48 Updated: 23/Oct/2020 16:51

by Calum Patterson


Respawn Entertainment has finally announced the release date for when Apex Legends is coming to Steam, meaning that PC players no longer have to rely solely on EA’s own Origin launcher to boot up the title.

EA has teamed up with Steam, bringing their EA Play service to the platform. You can also now buy Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and FIFA 21 on Steam too. It was only a matter of time until Apex joined the lineup.

However, the Apex release is now on its way, after it was initially expected to drop on Steam at the same time as Apex’s launch on Nintendo Switch, as well as the introduction of cross-play.

EA Play on Steam
EA’s subscription service, EA Play, is now available through Steam.

When is Apex Legends coming to Steam?

After plenty of leaks and rumors about the big release, Respawn finally confirmed on October 23  that Apex Legends is coming to Steam on November 4, along with the release of Season 7.

“Apex Legends is officially coming to Steam when Season 7 launches on November 4, 2020,” they revealed in a blog post.

EA first teased a partnership with Steam on October 25, when they tweeted out a video of an EA-emblazoned mug with steam coming out of the top of it.

This doesn’t mean that EA games will no longer be available on Origin, instead they will also be available on Steam with players able to play with friends on either launcher.

EA/Apex LegendsPlayers on all platforms will be able to with and against each other in Apex Legends.

Exclusive Steam cosmetics for Apex Legends

As a reward for players coming to Apex Legends on Steam, three exclusive weapon charms will be available. The charms themselves are related to Valve games Portal and Half-Life.

Three steam weapon charms for Apex Legends
The charms all have some inspiration from Valve games.

Apex Legends on mobile?

EA previously confirmed that they were working on a mobile version of Apex legends, but have gone quiet since. The Nintendo Switch release has now also been delayed until a later date.

“This year has brought on unexpected new challenges, to put it mildly, and we don’t want to rush anything out,” Respawn revealed, “Switch owners can expect to get their hands on Apex Legends next year.”

Apex Legends Cross-play

Cross-platform play was confirmed during EA Play in June, and was expected to release at the same time as the Steam and Nintendo Switch versions, “when Apex Legends does launch on Switch, it’ll come with support for cross-platform play.”

It was also confirmed, in the October 23 announcement, that PC players on Origin can switch to Steam and keep their account progress on the other launcher.

“If you’ve previously been playing on Origin, feel free to give it a spin on Steam,” Respawn Game Director Chad Grenier added, “all your account progression and unlocks will carry over between the two platforms. ”

EA stopped selling new games through Steam several years ago, instead choosing to run games through their own platform, Origin. This return allows them to reach a wider player-base.

Apex Legends has been a resounding success for EA. It reached 50 million players worldwide in just 28 days, challenging Epic Games’ global phenomenon Fortnite.