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Apex Legends

Twitch body-painter becomes Revenant from Apex Legends

Published: 10/May/2020 13:56

by Joe Craven


Skilled Twitch body painter Kay Pike has shared her incredible transformation into Apex Legends’ Revenant, the deathly Synthetic Nightmare added for Season 4. 

As Apex Legends characters go, few are as difficult to cosplay as Revenant. While a number – Lifeline, Bangalore – are human-figures with unique costumes, some, like Revenant and Pathfinder, defy biological classification.

The daunting challenge didn’t stop one Twitch body painter however, who sought to recreate the Synthetic Nightmare’s skeletal, morose aesthetic during her stream on May 9.

Respawn Entertainment
Revenant is one of Apex’s darker legends.

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One of the hardest parts of body painting is getting contours and depth to the look, but its something ‘KayPikeFashion‘ has perfected. The cheeks of her Revenant perfectly encapsulate the skeletal mask, appearing to sink below the cheekbones.


She went on to stun her audience with the Revenant look, combining paint and costume to accurately recreate all aspects of the cosplay. The red bandana is present, alongside the legend’s dark grey and red armored bodysuit.

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It is the latest in a long line of body art that has stunned the streamer’s audience, on both Twitch and social media. She has recently shared Star Wars body art of Darth Maul and C-3P0, as well as Joaquin Phoenix’s acclaimed Joker.

She explained that the art took over three hours, and she still had a few finishing touches to apply. It goes to show the lengths some artists will go to in order to perfectly recreate their favorite fictional characters.


The Twitch personality even joked that all Revenant wants is to look “pretty”. Going off the murder of Forge, we’re not so sure.

Loba has now been revealed as the next legend coming to the Apex games, joining the roster in Season 5, Perhaps this will be Kay Pike’s next challenge.