Number 1 Apex Legends console player caught teaming in Ranked match

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Apex Legends fans are frustrated after another top-ranked console player was caught teaming in Ranked matches to inflate their stats.

Most Apex Legends who want to show off their skills and play against other competitors with similar skill levels usually queue up for Ranked. While matchmaking is never perfect, Ranked usually provides a fairly clear divide in skill for players depending on placement.

Sadly, there are always some who try to game the system and build up RP in Apex in unfair ways to earn higher placements than normal.

Now, another top Apex Legend console players has been caught teaming to boost their RP during a Ranked match and members of the community are left frustrated.

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Top Apex Legends console player caught teaming

A post on the ApexLegends subreddit shared an almost two minute long video of the teaming in action. The player in question apparently goes by the tag ‘IceBoxedYou’ and, according to, they are currently ranked #2 among PlayStation users.

The video shows IceBoxedYou and two teammates meeting up with two other enemy squad to work together to kill other teams. Obviously, this is extremely frowned upon in the community—especially when playing more competitive modes like Ranked.

The replies to the video were filled with players condemning the team’s actions, with many calling the Predator ranking hollow as a result. “The type of guy that probably brags to people IRL that he’s rank 1 while conveniently leaving out the part that he’s basically boosted. Well done, you’ve earned literally nothing, good job.”

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Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that the community has provided evidence of Predator-ranked players teaming, which has left some feeling discouraged about trying to climb ranks at all. “This is why I stopped playing PVP games,” claimed one player.

Considering teaming and boosting have plagued battle royale games since their inception, it’s unlikely there will ever be a surefire solution to get rid of it all together. Hopefully, Respawn is able to find more evidence of behavior like this and take action in the future, but this remains to be seen.