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Apex Legends • Apr 04, 2019

Top 20 highest earning Apex Legends pros - Updated August 9

Top 20 highest earning Apex Legends pros - Updated August 9

The Apex Legends esport scene is still in its infancy, but players continue to earn significant prize money as they prepare for the launch of the game's first competitive league. 


Apex Legends exploded onto the battle royale scene when it released on February 4, garnering millions of players in a matter of weeks. The title's mix of great FPS gameplay alongside the unbelievable moments and manouvres that can be pulled off thanks to Legends and thier abilities make it a wonderful spectator esport. 

So far, players have had to rely on tournaments hosted by platforms such as Twitch Rivals to host tournaments, with Respawn Entertainment yet to hold any official tournaments of their own, although that is set to change later in the year. 


Respawn Entertainment
The competition in Apex Legends is sure to ramp up as the prize pools get larger.

For most of the game's lifespan, Colby 'dizzy' Meadows was the man who sat head and shoulders above everyone else in the rankings, after an impressive start to his Apex career that saw him take home numerous wins.

Dizzy's impressive record saw him take home three victories in consecutive Code Red tournaments, and finished second at the TwitchCon European Showdown. 

However, Dizzy's spell at the top of the rankings came to an end after Rogue pro player Jordan 'HusKers' Thomas finally unseated him thanks to his victory at TwitchCon Europe. Now, Dizzy's NRG teammate Richard 'KingRichard' Nelson has also overtaken him, albeit by just $450.

FACEIT are running the Apex Legends Pro Series.

HusKers, who for a while sat just $100 behind his rival, has now opened an $8000 gap, sitting on $48,866.67 for this entire winnings on Apex Legends. 

While tournaments may have been slim pickings in the first few months of Apex Legends, the FACEIT Pro Series offered 16 of the world's top teams a chance to compete regularly in over an eight-event competition that ultimately saw CIS squad Fire Beavers emerge victorious with the lion's share of the $50,000 prize.

The Apex Legends scene also recently saw two highlight events in the form of the ESPN Apex Legends EXP Pro-Am, which was dominated by Dizzy alongside WWE star Jimmy Uso and IGN's Sydnee Goodman, and the X Games tournament that was won by TSM, although the former offered its $25,000 grand prize to charity.


The X Games tournament has had its impact on the list, however, with TSM's players thrown up the rankings. All three were outside of the top 20 prior to the event, but now Mac 'AlbralelieBeckwith finds himself at 7th place, with Philip 'ImperialHal' Dosen close behind at 8th and Jordan 'fpsreps' Wolfe at 14th.

The full top 20 list, according to, can be found below. The list will be updated to reflect the latest highest earners after each major tournament.


Top 20 Highest Earning Apex Legends Players - Updated August 9 2019

Jordan 'HusKers' Thomas
2ndRichard 'KingRichard' Nelson
3rdCoby 'dizzy' Meadows
4thMark 'Dropped' TheesUSA$35,200.01
5thChris 'Sweetdreams' SextonUSA$33,533.34
6thBrandon 'ace' WinnUSA$23,400.01
7thMac 'Albralelie' BeckwithUSA$21,050.00
8thPhilip 'ImperialHal' Dosen
9thSean 'vsnz' Garcia
10thLucas 'Mendokusaii' Håkansson
11thCem 'Mithrian' Karakoc
14thJordan 'fpsreps' WolfeUSA$16,316.67
15thNathan 'xRetzi' Telene
16thJared 'zombs' GitlinUSA$14,166.67
17thJake 'chocoTaco' ThroopUSA$11,333.33
18thMaxime 'Robi' DambrineFrance$11,279.34
19thHaydin 'Zerg' GordonUSA$9,866.67
20thBrendan 'BcJ' JensenUSA$9,766.67

This article was updated at 10:30 AM EDT on August 9, 2019.