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Apex Legends • Apr 04, 2019

Top 20 highest earning Apex Legends pros - Updated May 10 2019

Top 20 highest earning Apex Legends pros - Updated May 10 2019

The Apex Legends esport scene is barely taking off, but some players are already separating themselves from the pack with the total amount of prize money they’ve collected so far.


Apex Legends exploded onto the battle royale scene when it released on February 4, garnering millions of players in a matter of weeks. The action packed sequences that break out with a typical gunfight makes the game a perfect candidate to be a long running esport contender.

Even though there’s only been a handful of big money events up until now, young phenom Colby ‘dizzy’ Meadows still leads the way as the game's highest earner, although a number of players have now closed the gap thanks to the tournaments like Twitch Rivals. 


Respawn Entertainment
The competition in Apex Legends is sure to ramp up as the prize pools get larger.

Dizzy has taken top spot in all three Code Red events as well as the North American Twitch Rivals: Apex Legends Challenge and the Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Rematch Challenge.

He was unable to secure the victory at the TwitchCon 2019 Europe Showdown Finals, which took place in Berlin, Germany, but still took home over $13,000 for his second place finish. 

So far dizzy’s been able to cash in on the early popularity of Respawn Entertainment’s title, netting $21,416.67 in earnings. Even at such a young age, dizzy has the talent to consistently stay at the top of the pile with KingRichard closely in tow earning $19,750.00.

Respawn Entertainment
The early success of the game could be its way into becoming a larger esport soon.

Rogue's Jordan 'HusKers' Thomas now sits less than $100 behind dizzy, after his team managed to beat out NRG Esports in Berlin, with each Rogue player earning over $28,000 for their victory. 

The latest big name in the battle royale scene hasn’t even scratched the surface of its potential. As it stands though, it will be difficult for players to catch dizzy at the top of the rankings, as no major Apex Legends tournaments are scheduled for the future, with fans and competitors currently waiting on announcements. 

It is possible that we may see another Apex Legends Twitch Rivals tournament in the future, but the streaming platform are yet to announce any upcoming events for the popular battle royale game. 


The full top 20 list, according to, can be found below. The list will be updated to reflect the latest highest earners after each major tournament.

Top 20 Highest Earning Apex Legends Players - Updated May 10 2019

Coby 'dizzy' MeadowsUSA$39,016.67
2ndJordan 'HusKers' ThomasUSA$38,933.34
3rdRichard 'KingRichard' NelsonUSA$37,350.00
4thMark 'Dropped' TheesUSA$28,433.34
5thChris 'Sweetdreams' SextonUSA$28,433.34
6thBrandon 'ace' WinnUSA$21,016.67
7thCem 'Mithrian' KarakocTurkey$16,733.34
10thLucas 'Mendokusaii' HåkanssonSweden$16,733.34
11thJake 'chocoTaco' ThroopUSA$11, 333.33
12thSean 'vsnz' GarciaUSA$11,333.33
13thMaxime 'Robi' DambrineFrance$11,279.34
14thSergi 'Winghaven' Torras AragonésSpain$9,750.00
16thThomas 'Hal' AvalloneItaly$8,616.67
17thGiorgio 'Pow3r' CalandrelliItaly$8,616.67
18thAlessandro 'stermy' AvalloneItaly$8,616.67
20thMorgan 'Payne' Reffield Jr.USA$8,483.33

This article was updated at 7:55AM EDT on Friday, May 10, 2019. 

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