This simple Apex Legends change would make collecting squad banners easier

Alan Bernal
Usamaname via Reddit

An Apex Legends player has come up with an idea for an update that would make collecting player banners and avoiding teammates’ loot from death boxes much easier.

In the aftermath of a firefight in the Apex Games, an area is often littered with loot boxes for players to sift through, so it would be helpful to have an indicator so you can readily tell friend from foe.

That’s what Reddit user ‘olands1’ found when he showed how a skirmish can leave multiple boxes in a close vicinity. It sounds great for a player who is looking to loot up, but it could be a nightmare for a team in tatters.

FrozenFroh via Reddit
Some death boxes have a glow depending on the loot inside, but an added indicator could make it easier to distinguish a teammate’s stash from the rest.

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Olands1 said that he confusion that a skirmish causes leads some players to “wish there was a visual indicator for a teammate’s death box.”

Even though fallen teammates can already ping their crate, making an icon appear above the friendly stash, they run into the issue of an empty death box after being revived.

The user explained how their fix would work. “I’m referring to a visual glow or something, so after his banner has been picked up or he’s being revived, it’s clear which box is his so you don’t accidentally loot.”

olands1 via Reddit
Something simple like a green glow around a teammate’s death box would work.

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Their design for the idea shows a purple death box with a green glow outlining the object. Among the field of other stashes, it’s easy to depict which one is a teammate’s box.

Players brought back from elimination often return to the battlefield without any meaningful gear since the game revives you with nothing, and your teammates have a head-start on you to the nearest loot stashes.

While you could easily communicate which one of the boxes is yours with your squad, the call could sometimes go by the wayside if you’re trying to loot up fast in a clutter of boxes.

Danny Gardner - ArtStation
Players are requesting a small patch for death boxes in Apex Legends.

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“I feel like this would stop a lot of teammate looting too,” user ‘Ysil69’ responded. “When someone’s going through death boxes they generally aren’t looking for nametags”

If there was some sort of indicator to make it clear which death box belonged to the revived teammate, then it would go a long way to making sure they don’t come back to the Apex Games empty-handed.