Terrible Apex Legends bug creates instant death location on Storm Point map

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An Apex Legends player encountered a bug on Storm Point map that sent them straight through the bottom of the map and directly to their death.

As Season 13 for Apex Legends continues to play out, fans of the popular FPS have been exploring new updates as well as the new character, Newcastle.

On top of an all-new character, Storm Point has received some massive changes including massive Downed Beast carcass players can battle inside of in the middle of the map.

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Although the changes to the map are exciting, one player encountered an unintended glitch on the map that ended their match instantly.

Storm Point The Downed BeastRespawn Entertainment
Storm Point was updated when Season 13 was released.

Storm Point map glitch insta-kills Apex player

Reddit user Chieres posted on May 24 a clip that instantly shot up to the top of the Apex Legends subreddit.

The gameplay clip they posted showed Chieres playing Seer on Storm Point gliding directly through the ground, then under the map, then descending to their death. Chieres didn’t even have a chance to play out the match as the specific spot on the map was seemingly bugged, allowing them to grind right through it to their untimely demise.

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Their post was titled, sarcastically, “Thank you, Respawn, very cool.”

The clip has amassed over 8,000 upvotes and 300 comments since it was posted.

One user in the comment section has encountered a similar bug and said, “Similar thing happened to me last night, but instead of breaking through the floor, the landing animation never triggered, so I just watched Fuse torpedo into the ground and ricochet into a building at full drop speed. Had a good laugh.”

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This isn’t the only glitch that’s allowing players to get under Apex maps.

One player discovered a way to get under the Olympus map, making this glitch more of a trend than previously believed.

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