Streamer GuhRL reaches massive Apex Legends milestone after 31 hour Twitch stream


Twitch streamer ‘GuhRL’ has become the first female streamer to go from Bronze to Masters rank in solo queue during a single, 31-hour long stream.

Going from a low rank to the top of the Apex table is a common theme for content creators, but until April 28, no female streamer had ever pulled off a Bronze to Masters run in one, single stream.

That all changed after a marathon stream by content creator GuhRL, who played 115 games of Apex Legends straight to accomplish the feat.

GuhRL goes from Bronze to Masters during single Apex stream

Although GuhRL wrapped things up on April 28, the stream actually began on April 27, and lasted for roughly 31 hours straight – an impressive feat, all on it’s own.

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But that’s not all: Not only was she streaming for more than a day, she also did so without breaking for sleep (or any kind of caffeine, either).

Understandably, GuhRL seemed absolutely gassed when the stream finally came to an end and she was safely in Masters.

After a run like that, most might take a break from Apex for a few days… but GuhRL went right back to dropping in just a day later.

When a viewer asked if she had any more plans for a marathon stream in mind, GuhRL didn’t say exactly, but hinted it was definitely a possibility. (After some much-deserved sleep, that is.)

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