Apex Legends

Strange Apex Legends bug traps players inside invisible Gibraltar dome

by Connor Bennett


A pretty unusual Apex Legends bug is turning Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection invisible and trapping players inside of it until the ring swallows them whole. 

Though plenty of new characters have been introduced in Apex Legends, many of the starter legends are still fan-favorites. That includes Gibraltar – the Shielded Fortress. 

The defensive legend is all about protecting his team – be through his own Gun Shield, the Dome of Protection, or his Defensive Bombardment Ultimate. However, it appears as if there is a pretty major problem with his dome, as players have found that they’re seemingly unable to leave the dome when the ring is closing in on them.

Respawn Entertainment


The problem was showcased by Redditor LightPrism, who showed that they appeared to be stuck inside an invisible version of the Gibraltar dome that just timed out moments earlier. 

The Gibraltar player was able to pick up loot that was on the floor and run around in a tight space, but once they reached where the edge of the dome would be, the defensive character would start climbing as if a wall was in their way. 

Having one of the final circles closing in on them while being stuck inside proved to be a recipe for disaster for LightPrism as they were eliminated from the game, only being able to watch on as enemy players sprinted past them.


Some players suggested that the Redditor had, actually, become stuck in an invisible wall due to a clipping issue with the set of rocks behind them. Though, others weren’t so sure that was the case, adding that there had to be a new problem with Girbaltar’s dome instead.

While members of the Respawn have previously commented on similar issues on the subreddit, they haven’t chimed in on this one, so we’ll just have to wait and see if they’ve got a bug to fix with Gibraltar or with the Kings Canyon map.