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Strange Apex Legends Arenas bug makes real Mirage’s simple to find

Published: 29/May/2021 17:19

by Julian Young


A new bug has appeared in Apex Legends Arenas and is turning Mirage’s decoys from useful, deceptive sidekicks into dead giveaways for the enemy team — and making the Legend’s kit practically useless in most situations.

Apex Legends Season 9 — otherwise known as Apex Legends: Legacy — introduced a flood of new content to the battle royale. In addition, the game’s latest season also brought with it an entirely new 3v3 game mode: Arenas — which turned out to be another major win for Respawn.

Despite having a kit that many players originally felt was lacking, the game’s holographic trickster, Mirage, has received several impressive buffs over the last few seasons, and is now considered by players and Respawn alike to be in a much better place.


Although his abilities can be both enjoyable and powerful in the right player’s hands, a new bug in Apex Arenas has transformed Mirage’s decoys from powerful diversions into dead giveaways for the enemy team, completely ruining the trickster’s purpose.

Mirage Apex Legends Decoy
Respawn Entertainment
With his decoys being practically useless, Mirage’s viability in Arenas in seriously reduced.

The bugged decoys began appearing in Arena matches and quickly spread to social media as many in the game’s community began noticing that things weren’t quite adding up with what they were used to seeing from enemy Mirage players.

Several images and videos began to circulate of bugged-out enemy decoys, with the enemy Mirage player’s nameplate clearly visible above their heads — something you’d expect to see from your own teammates, not the enemy player or their decoys.


You can see enemy Mirage’s Decoys’ name tag. from apexlegends

In a post shared to Reddit, one player highlighted how the bug was affecting a Mirage on the enemy team. Not only could they see the enemy decoy from a mile away, but the glitch also revealed which Mirage was the real one and which was the decoy, completely defeating the purpose of the character’s kit.

In a similar Reddit thread, user dividedbywords shared video footage of the exact same bug.

Despite not even having a Mirage on their team, the player (and likely their teammates) could clearly see an enemy Mirage decoy all the way across the map, even when it was behind cover.


Obviously, this is a massive issue for anyone who plays Mirage, as the character’s entire kit is based around distracting enemy players with the trickster’s decoys. If those decoys can be used against him every single time they’re sent out, the character is effectively made useless.

This decoy glitch does appear to be limited to Arenas, but it’s not quite clear what triggers the bug, or if there’s anything that players can do to remove it, so for now any Mirage mains might want to steer clear of the character until this gets fixed.

While it doesn’t appear Respawn has caught wind of this particular bug at the time of writing, they’re sure to pick up on it as more instances pop up and will patch this potentially game-breaking exploit to make sure the Arenas experience isn’t completely ruined for Mirage players in Season 9.