Straightforward Mirage buff would make Apex Legends trickster even more bamboozling

mirage in apex legendsRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players are suggesting that Respawn Entertainment’s devs provide Mirage with a simple buff to make the smart-talking trickster even more bamboozling to play against.

As the Apex Legends meta continues to evolve in Season 12, fans persist with suggesting nerfs and buffs to the Respawn devs. A simple buff to Lifeline’s Passive that would increase her healing capabilities is amongst the latest suggestions from players, as they strive to augment the game and its balance any way they see fit.

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Now, despite being in a good spot in the meta, one player has suggested a simple buff that would make Mirage even more confusing to play against – but it’s not overpowered.

Apex Legends Mirage Season 0Respawn Entertainment
Mirage has been buffed several times since Apex Legends was released but hasn’t received a strengthening in some time.

In a February 5 Reddit thread, Apex Legends player Themlox suggested a simple buff for Mirage that would make him even more baffling. “I’ve been thinking of an idea for a possible ‘buff’ for Mirage’s abilities.

“It consists of making the Mirage decoys ‘solid’ when someone shoots at them and making the decoys when shot ‘mark’ damage as if it were the original Mirage,” said the player, along with a video to show what the new changes to the character will look like in-game.

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The Apex fan added: “All in order to further confuse the enemy and make it more difficult to locate the original Mirage.”

Others enjoyed the suggested buffs and commemorated how they could’ve been easily broken, but in fact, it’s not overpowered. “You could’ve made this broken, but it’s not overpowered with the details you list,” said one. “It will be super frustrating for beginners to fight against, though. Mirage is a really fun legend to play, and this would make him more fun.”

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However, some weren’t on board with the idea as Mirage is in a good spot in the current meta: “It’s a cool idea and all, but mirage is in a good place right now, he doesn’t need a buff.”

As explained in the original post, it wouldn’t be too hard for the devs to add this Mirage buff.

However, it’s unlikely we’ll see them soon given he’s a relatively good pick for players at the moment. They could come in the future, though, depending on how the game’s meta shifts.

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