SSG players slam HisWattson for quitting Apex Legends tournament to deny kill points

HisWattson Apex Legends tournamentRespawn Entertainment

SSG’s pro Apex Legends squad slammed Jacob ‘HisWattson’ McMillin during the $10,000 Carnage Cup tournament for quitting the match after being downed to deny kill points.

On December 5, Knights hosted the Carnage Cup Apex Legends tournament, boasting a $10,000 prize pool.

Over 20 teams competed in the competition over the course of six games and the whole event was streamed live on Twitch.

In the end, NRG took first place, with TSM in second, and The Guard securing the third spot.

Although the tournament went well and featured countless outplays and highlight-reel moments, the event didn’t escape drama, this time involving HisWattson and the SSG squad.

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During one of the matches, SSG had taken down the whole of FURIA and only had HisWattson left to kill. It didn’t take DROPPED long to find him hiding behind a rock using Seer’s tactical and after locating the FURIA pro, they assumed it would be another easy point to add to the tally.

However, HisWattson instead quit the match early, preventing SSG from securing the point. This left the entire team extremely frustrated as they’d effectively been denied a guaranteed kill.

Describing the FURIA player’s action as a “b***h” move and “cringe”, they felt as if the organizers of the event should grant them a point by default.

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The day after the event on December 6, Wattson responded to the situation by saying he only left the game because he was “ratting” and he assumed that as he had been Seer scanned, SSG would be awarded the kill or KP.

When they were not awarded the KP, Wattson revealed that the tournament organizers did gift them the lost points so “it all worked out and didn’t affect the tournament at all”.

Following this, he did acknowledge that he shouldn’t have left the game. However, he argued that none of the SSG players or organizers cared after he explained what happened and that the only people criticizing his actions already disliked him.

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In the end, SSG managed to rack up 46 points in total which placed them fifth for the Carnage Cup even with the extra gifted KP.

By the sounds of it, it appears the whole situation has been resolved and the organizers handled it well by reimbursing the point.