Spooky Apex Legends mod transforms World’s Edge into the perfect Halloween map

Apex Legends Halloween Worlds EdgeRespawn Entertainment

A night-themed Apex Legends mod for the World’s Edge map has got players calling for an official version in the upcoming Halloween event.

The initial hype of the new Season may have died down, but players are still loving all of the content that came in the major update. Whether it’s the new Legend Seer, the deadly Rampage LMG, or the World’s Edge map changes, Respawn certainly knocked it out of the park with Emergence.

Despite this, the community has already begun to focus on the next big event, and with Halloween on the horizon, a lot of players are wondering what the devs have in store.

While a set of cosmetics have been discovered in the game files, we know very little about any map changes or LTMs coming with the annual spooky event.

So, after a player created a night-themed World’s Edge map mod, a lot of the community are calling for Respawn to make an official version by the end of October.

Apex Legends Halloween eventRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Halloween events usually introduce an LTM.

Apex Legends players want Respawn to copy World’s Edge mod

If there’s one thing that gets Apex players in the Halloween mood, it’s a night-themed map. Although Kings Canyon was given a spooky transformation in previous seasons, World’s Edge and Olympus have never been changed for the October holiday.

Well, a modder decided to change that, creating their very own Halloween World’s Edge map, fit with a gloomy and dark skybox.

Uploaded to YouTube by KralRhino and created by Amos, the mod has been an instant hit with the community and has even led players to ask Respawn for an official version.

Although the base features of the map have remained the same, it’s incredible how much a difference the dark and misty theme makes when playing out a typical Apex game.

It’s impossible to know whether Respawn has any plans to create a night-themed World’s Edge or Olympus map in time for October. It’s much more likely that they’ll bring back the Kings Canyon Halloween map instead, but players can always keep their fingers crossed.

Halloween only comes around once a year and it always brings some of the best cosmetics and LTMs for the community to enjoy. Let’s just hope Respawn has got something big planned for the spooky holiday, and potentially even a new night-themed map.