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Snip3down reveals why he’ll keep playing Apex Legends while competing in Halo

Published: 12/Mar/2022 14:35

by Connor Bennett


Halo veteran Eric ‘Snip3down’ Wrona has explained why he still enjoys Apex Legends despite competing for FaZe Clan in the HCS, even giving the battle royale a few advantages over Halo Infinite. 

When Halo Infinite’s multiplayer first launched in December, plenty of players immediately rushed over to finally try their hand at what 343 had to offer with the franchise’s newest installment.

While the early weeks were pretty good for the player count, things have tailed off recently, with players seeking out something different. Though, on the esports side of things, the game is still going strong.

As Infinite has struggled on the casual side of things, Snip3down has continued to stream Apex Legends pretty regularly, mixing it in with his Halo scrims alongside the FaZe Clan boys. And, he’s got no plans to stop it either.


Snip3down Halo
Snip3down has made his return to Halo with the release of Infinite.

The FaZe Clan star, who has competed in Halo since Halo 3, was quizzed during a recent stream about whether or not he’s still enjoying mixing Apex and Halo.

“Dude, this game is like my mental sanity. Like, I’m not even kidding,” he said, singing the praises of Respawn’s battle royale. “Don’t get me wrong, I love competing in Halo, I love playing scrims and stuff like that,” he added, noting that there is no casual side of Halo that is fun – which Apex does have.

Snip3down also noted that Halo also lacks a bit on the community side, as he often has to solo queue in Ranked. Though, when he hops onto Apex, there is also someone looking to team up.


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As much as he’d like to keep competing in Apex, the HCS schedule has thrown up some problems for Snip3down, as he had to turn down playing with NICKMERCS in the ALGS. 

It remains to be seen if, long term, that’ll still be the case or if he’ll switch back to being fully focused on Apex.