Snip3down bashes Respawn for adding Apex Legends skins instead of game fixes


Apex Legends star Eric ‘Snip3down’ Wrona took aim at Respawn Entertainment for not addressing some of the issues that the battle royale has, instead, focusing on new cosmetics and skins.

Over the last few months, Apex Legends players have grown increasingly frustrated with the number of issues that have plagued the battle royale – whether they are big or pretty small.

With the launch of Season 15: Eclipse, players hoped that Respawn had addressed a fair few of these headaches. While the battle royale did do so, the update has brought about some new challenges. Games have become increasingly laggy, Broken Moon has invisible walls, and there are exploits to find easier lobbies.

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Some players have turned their back on the battle royale, opting instead to play Warzone 2 or Overwatch 2. Though, Snip3down has been sticking with it and airing his frustrations.

Snip3down questions Respawn’s communication over Apex Legends

During a recent stream, the former Halo pro was quizzed by one fan about his constant criticism of the battle royale, which led to s decently-sized monologue with his thoughts about the current state of things.

The FaZe Clan member likened it to a job or relationship where things seem perfect but turn sour and communication drops. “It’s all about communication, and there’s none of that,” he said.

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“It’s a bit of, here, let’s shove more paid skins down your throat and here’s the new battle pass and buy this and buy that, but we’re not going to put any of the money that you give us back into quality of life fixes to fix the game. We’re just going to keep adding more and more stuff that you have to pay for.”

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He’s not the only one to take issue with the influx of cosmetics taking priority over fixes. TSM’s ImperialHal was left baffled by the new sticker packs that Respawn have introduced.

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At the end of the day, cosmetics are not going away and they’re handled by a different team that does game updates. Though, maybe the devs will consider switching up which gets sent out live first.