Sneaky Apex Legends sniper spot on World’s Edge is incredibly powerful

James Busby
Lifeline sniping in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ World’s Edge map features plenty of powerful locations players can use to get an advantage over their foes, but this sneaky sniper spot is proving incredibly powerful.

Finding an elevated location in Apex Legends to safely shoot away at your foes can lead to many advantageous firefights. This is especially true when the defending squad can’t ascertain where you and your allies are. After all, having a high ground advantage over the competition is almost always a surefire way to guarantee a dominant victory. 

While World’s Edge is home to plenty of popular POIs, this new spot is proving popular amongst the game’s eagle-eyed snipers. Whether you’re looking to get the drop on your foes or just wish to counter snipe the competition, then you’ll want to know about this OP location. 

Apex Legends sniper spot is giving players free wins

Sniping on Apex Legends' Storm Point mapRespawn Entertainment
This powerful Apex Legends sniper spot can net you plenty of kills.

Apex Legends is home to numerous tricks, bugs, and glitches that players can use to get an advantage over their foes. While mastering advanced techniques like Pathfinder’s super grapples or Fuse’s ultimate wallhack, there are times when a powerful vantage point is all you need to best your rivals. 

Well, that’s exactly what YouTuber, Skeptation, recently showcased to his viewers. In order to reach this location, you’ll need to have Valkyrie in your party and head North West of Harvester

Once you’re at the location shown in the video, simply use Valk’s ultimate and fly towards the floating rock formation. Unlike the other aerial objects in the game, this obstacle doesn’t trigger the out-of-bounds countdown timer. 

This essentially means you and your squad can stay up here for as long as you like, which can give you a huge advantage over your foes. If you find yourself coming under fire when you’re near Harvester, then be sure to check this position for any pesky snipers.