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Apex Legends

Sneaky Apex Legends hiding spot is perfect for Pathfinder

Published: 8/Mar/2020 10:45

by Andy Williams


One eagle-eyed Apex Legends player has found the perfect little hiding spot for Pathfinder mains should they ever run into a spot of both near Lava Fissure in World’s Edge.

World’s Edge has undergone major changes following Revenant’s entrance as part of the Season 4 update. However, there are many areas of Talos’ map that have remained relatively unchanged and have provided a safe haven for plenty of players.

One such location is Lava Fissure, located to the North-West of the new Planet Harvester and just adjacent to the infamous Train Yard.

World's Edge's lava biome.
A fiery lava biome engulfs the South-West side of World’s Edge.

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Plenty of players opt to land near or around Lava Fissure, given that the area is densely populated with Supply Bins. But what happens if you’re nipped to the post and another squad takes all of the loot that you had your eye on? One savvy player has found the perfect solution.


Posted to the Apex Legends subreddit, ‘Cpt_Bartholomew’ discovered that you could latch under the main intersection of Lava Fissure if you’re playing as Pathfinder.

Has anyone else found this hiding spot yet??? from apexlegends

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With a fiery pit of lava boiling mere yards beneath your feet, players certainly wouldn’t think to look for you here.

So whether you’re looking to evade an enemy squad or you’re waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce in an endgame scenario, this spot is an ideal way to lie low within the vicinity of Lava Fissure – provided that the circle is in your favor.

Hiding spot in Lava Fissure, World's Edge.
Location of the Pathfinder spot, directly beneath Lava Fissure in World’s Edge.

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There is one caveat to the spot, though, as only Pathfinder players will be able to grapple their way onto the steel beam.

Don’t play Pathfinder? We’ve got you covered with this neat hiding spot in the Planet Harvester — an ideal spot for players overwhelmed by enemy numbers.