Simple Mirage Decoy buff idea would boost his Apex Legends pick rate

Mirage in Apex Legends in red skin with logoRespawn/EA

An Apex Legends player has come up with a pretty simple, yet effective, buff idea for Mirage – and they’ve got the seal of approval from some of their fellow fans. 

Ever since Apex Legends first launched, Mirage has played a bit of a starring role in the battle royale. The charismatic legend is always cracking jokes – even if they are self-deprecating – when Respawn drops updates and trailers.

While he might be the star of the show in those videos, when it comes to his impact in-game, the Holographic Trickster has slipped down the popularity charts over the last few seasons. That has changed a little in Season 12, where Mirage’s pick rate has seen a small uptick, but he still only clocks in with around 3% usage, which is middle of the pack.

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As a result, he’s been the target of some buff and rework ideas from fans, and one concept in particular has got some fans wanting Respawn to make a switch ASAP.

Mirage is a popular character in Apex, but he could use some love.

The simple idea was thrown out there by Redditor Denzgam1ing, who suggested that Mirage should have a second charge on his Psyche Out tactical. Though, don’t worry, there wouldn’t be an army of Mirages on the battlefield like with his Ultimate.

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With three Mirage’s potentially running around at once, it would add an additional layer of protection to the real deal, even if it meant nerfing the health of the decoys.

Plenty of players aired their support for the idea, noting how it is “simple yet effective” and could add a bit to the battle royale. “I feel like his decoys should also be able to go on ziplines, having 2-3 decoys out at once would be great and make his ult last a little longer,” commented another.

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Of course, the idea doesn’t work for everyone, with some suggesting that it might add a little too much power to Mirage’s kit.

Though, one suggested that the current solo decoy should mimic Mirage a little better. “If it hits a deathbox, it starts looting. If it runs at a wall, it will try to climb,” said Butrint_o.

At the end of the day, only Respawn can implement these changes and while fans might be supportive of them, they’d need a lot of testing. So, we’ll have to wait and see if the desired Mirage buff comes into play before long.

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