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Simple Jumpmaster change in Apex Legends would make landing much improved

Published: 4/Apr/2019 23:13

by Albert Petrosyan


The initial landing phase at the start of every Apex Legends match can often play a big role, and one player has come up with an idea that could drastically improve the process.

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Choosing where to land at the start of a match in Apex Legends can be a multi-faceted decision as players have to balance the reward of potentially getting good loot with the risk of getting into early gunfights.

The landing process, of course, is started by the Jumpmaster, and a simple change to how the Jumpmaster works could make things a lot easier.

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What is a Jumpmaster in Apex Legends?

At the start of every match, one player out of every squad is designated to be the Jumpmaster, and they essentially can control when the entire squad jumps out of the deploy ship and where on the map they land.

When a Jumpmaster deploys, so do the other two players on the team, and as long as no one manually jumps earlier or detaches themselves from the squad, then all three players will glide down and land right alongside the Jumpmaster without having to click anything.

The Jumpmaster on each team is chosen randomly, and any player who is given the role does have the option of relinquishing it to another member of the squad.


RespawnThere are a lot of places to land on the Apex Legends map, and the Jumpmaster is responsible for launching the team out of the deploy ship.
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How can the Jumpmaster be improved?

Reddit user ‘tigerdroppings9‘ has come up with an idea of giving the player that is the Jumpmaster the ability to manually detach squadmates during the glide-down, similar to how the other two players can detach themselves.

This would allow the Jumpmaster to make sure that neither of the two teammates touch down exactly alongside him once they all do reach the ground. 

Reddit u/ tigerdroppings9Giving the Jumpmaster the ability to manually detach teammates would vastly improve the landing process.

Why is this an improvement to the Jumpmaster?

The biggest issue players have with being the Jumpmaster is when one or both of the teammates refuse to detach themselves when gliding down, which is often a problem when queuing up with randomly matched teammates who are less experienced.


Since the Jumpmaster himself does not have the ability to detach from the group, when the entire team lands, players end up trying to loot the same exact rooms and areas, which can often be a frustrating experience.

If this change was to be implemented, then the Jumpmaster would never have to worry about falling into that kind of a scenario. If he noticed that one or both of the teammates were not detaching as they were nearing ground level, he would simply manually detach them. 

It’s pretty obvious that this change would be a popular one, as the Reddit post detailing it ended up receiving over 6,700 upvotes in eight hours.