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Simple change to Lifeline's ability is needed in Apex Legends

by Joe Craven
Respawn Entertainment


One Apex Legends fan has identified a simple way Lifeline’s ability could be improved, after noticing a small, but important, issue with her protective shield.

Since Apex Legends released just over a year ago, in-game medic Lifeline has been a fan-favorite pick. She is versatile and unique, as she can call in care packages carrying high-tier loot, alongside her reliable healing drone.

In the past, some have called for her to be nerfed. However, in a game dominated by powerful, offense-minded, characters, there are calls to iron out her weaknesses. 

Respawn Entertainment - Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Lifeline was a part of the original Apex Legends lineup.


On February 15, one Apex Legends player suggested a simple change to one aspect of Lifeline’s ability, after an issue gave away an opponent's exact position, rather unfairly.

When Lifeline is reviving a teammate, a protective shield is formed in front of her and the teammate, in order to ensure they cannot be gunned down as the revive is taking place. 

However, the player realized that the shield projects itself through walls and other solid surfaces. This allows an attacking squad to simply round the corner, wait for the revive to complete, and then gun down both vulnerable players. 


“I think it’s actually time to fix this to be honest,” the player said. “Maybe when she is reviving in a corner, the shield just covers the corner instead of passing through the wall and [letting] the whole lobby know that you are reviving your teammate. I think they just need to make the shield smarter.”

It’s not clear whether the current build of the shield is intentional and is a balancing factor, or is a glitch in the game’s design. Regardless, players want to see it changed and argue that it gives opponents an undue advantage over the medic Legend.


The sentiment was echoed by a number of other players, who argue that the shield can be seriously inefficient, particularly in hilly areas where it fails to adapt to the game’s contoured landscape. 

At the time of writing the post sits at nearly 1,000 upvotes. Respawn have not messed around with Lifeline too much in the year since the game released, so it remains to be seen whether a fix will ever materialize.