Simple Bloodhound trick is ideal counter to Mirage’s Decoys

Jacob Hale
Bloodhound in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment

While Bloodhound might not be the most popular character in Apex Legends, players are slowly discovering a simple trick that could make them much more popular as the ideal counter to Mirage and his annoying Decoys.

With every new season comes new Legends, and with new Legends we see older ones start to fall out of favor.

While Bloodhound isn’t as popular as the likes of Wraith or Pathfinder, their Eye of the Allfather scanner is a very useful tool, exposing nearby enemies and making planning attacks a little easier. But there’s more to the ability than just that, and Mirage players might be about to lose their favorite utility.

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Respawn Entertainment
Mirage’s Decoys can be incredibly frustrating to play against.

Similarly, Mirage isn’t a hugely popular character, but when you do run into him, and especially when you run into his Decoys, they can be very frustrating to play against.

Now, though, players are starting to realize that Bloodhound might be Mirage’s perfect counter.

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Posting to Reddit, xRagingWrathx showcased the perfect usage of Bloodhound’s utility, as their scanner tactical ability revealed the location of Mirage and all his decoys – but with a slight twist.

As you can see in the clip, the real Mirage is highlighted with a diamond above his head, essentially making his Decoys null and void.

This worked out perfectly for RagingWrath, who had only the Mirage left to kill to take the win, and were it not for the Bloodhound scanner, the match could’ve ended up going completely differently.

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With the most recent Season 5 update, which introduced new Legend Loba and a number of changes to the map and gameplay, we’ve seen a number of players start picking up Bloodhound again, and thanks to this nifty trick we might see their pick rate continue to soar.

There’s no doubt the ability is helpful, and in situations like this, it really could be the difference between life and death.