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Simple Apex Legends trick turns Wattson’s pylons into a deadly trap

Published: 13/Dec/2021 21:31

by Alan Bernal


Wattson players have been stunning Apex Legends players for ages and a simple trick with her electric Perimeter Security can make the pylons a deadly trap.

Though Wattson’s fences are a means to defend a stronghold for a team, people have been getting creative with how they lure opponents into them. Usually these outplays involve gameplay tricks to fool opponents to cross the nodes and one tactic has emerged to be quite popular among Wattson mains.

For those unaware, Wattson’s electric fences can be interrupted by blocking its link to a nearby node. This makes the field they create temporarily down which also cuts out any visuals of an electric field.


People have been combining this line of thinking with a risky bait-and-switch maneuver to get people into the danger zone.

For any Wattson mains out there. from apexuniversity

A clip by Twitch streamer jay_kinny shared by user ‘CaptainPie00’ showed how Wattson can essentially user herself as bait to surprise people into an electric trap.

They did this by placing a Perimeter Security pylon outside of the building they retreated to and then connected it to another inside. As the player healed up, they were purposefully blocking the nodes so as to not have the electric fence show.

Once they saw someone turn the corner, they sidestepped from their position, thereby activating the Perimeter Security.


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Wattson players can get really creative to bamboozle opponents in Apex Legends.

The opponent got stunned and was quickly converted into a clean kill. The same thing happened moments later when another enemy fell for the trap as well.

Thanks to Apex characters like Mirage, finding fun ways to ‘bamboozle’ opponents in Apex has become sort of a pastime for players.

While Wattson’s kit doesn’t lend itself to a lot of outright deadly tactics, this simple application of her electric fences gives players a clever way to eliminate their competition.