Simple Apex Legends trick might be the funniest way to keep high ground

Daniel Cleary
Caustic looking down at green gas in apex legends
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have found a hilarious trick with Caustic that can easily shut down opponents trying to claim the high ground in-game.

As with many battle royale shooter titles, claiming the high ground can give you a massive advantage in gunfights, especially in the latter stages of a match.

Players with the high ground, in games like Apex Legends, can simply choose when they want to take a fight with any opponents below, whereas those without cover have very few ways to counter.

Caustic's nox gas traps
Respawn Entertainment
A clever trick has been found with Caustic’s Gas Traps.

While it is possible to climb up the side of any buildings in Apex Legends, players have now found an easy Caustic trick that can quickly prevent their enemies from leveling out the playing field.

One Apex Legends player u/FourKicks17 revealed that Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap ability could be used in a creative fashion to keep the top of any buildings all for yourself.

Although these gas traps are normally placed on the floor to surprise any unsuspecting opponent, the Apex fan revealed you can simply toss them at any enemies climbing the side of a building, hilariously knocking them all the way down to the bottom.

While many Apex players would rely on simply shooting any approaching players, it could actually be quite useful to practice this neat trick for certain situations – especially if you want to end the game in hilarious fashion.

FourKicks17 later highlighted an example of the Nox Gas Trap trick in an actual game, where they prevented a Pathfinder player from making a sneaky play by knocking them down to a more vulnerable spot.

With the Gas Traps also deploying after they collide with the player, this tactic could make for some impressive highlight kills, particularly if there’s no other way for them to go.

Although it can appear quite silly, this trick would be particularly useful in areas around the World’s Edge map, as there are often players trying to sneak up to the roof with clever movement tricks.