Simple Apex Legends trick makes Horizon’s tactical a lifesaver

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Horizon is already a popular pick in Apex Legends, but this healing trick might win over even more fans of the Gravitational Manipulator.

Horizon is already one of the most shifty characters in all of Apex Legends, but there’s a little-known secret about her tactical that elevates her a little higher up on the list.

This one may not be an eye-popper at first glance, but it can absolutely be a lifesaver for the game’s more aggressive players, especially those who main the Scottish scientist.

Apex Legends trick allows Horizon to climb walls while healing

As seen in a clip uploaded by Skeptation, it is typically impossible for a Legend to scale over objects while using a healing item. Anyone who attempts it will simply jump in place until they either cancel or complete the healing action.

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That all changes when Horizon comes out of her lift, though. Instead of being locked into walking or hopping, the spacefarer can climb up over objects and continue to use her item of choice. The climb is fairly slow but still offers a whole new world of alternative options for any player that gets put in a tough position.

The trick requires you to start the healing process before landing on the ground, that way the animation is already locked in by the time her passive kicks in. Once that has happened, players are free to start making their escape, even if it’s a bit slower than usual.

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Horizon isn’t the only Legend who can do something like this, as Crypto has a similar trick while deploying his drone, but it certainly works well for a character who is all about taking away elevation from the opposition.