Simple Apex Legends trick lets Wraith ‘instantly’ ambush opponents for easy kills

. 22 days ago
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An Apex Legends trick for Wraith lets players outmaneuver their opponents using her signature portals, lending itself to a one-person ambush tactic that can net free kills.

Wraith has long been a fan-favorite to single out opponents. From ‘kidnapping’ a member of an opposing Apex squad to outpacing entire teams as one of the fastest Legends, Wraith has been a strong pick in the meta for a long time.

Even after years of the Interdimensional Skirmisher’s dominance, people are still finding ways to get the upper hand in the Apex Games that can stun unsuspecting foes.

apex legends wraith portal
Respawn Entertainment
Wraith’s abilities in Apex Legends are lending itself to ambush tactics.

Though her abilities don’t deal damage on their own, players have found a few gameplay tricks that lets them use her kit to pull out her gun much faster than intended.

Reddit user ‘green_orange5’ found that Wraith’s gun instantly appears after using her abilities if used in a specific manner.

“If Wraith is in phase and her portal hits 0% she can start shooting immediately, provided her weapon was out before starting the portal,” they explained. “This is useful for some unconventional 1v1s / desperation plays as seen in the clip.”

Usually, there’s an animation following her exit from interdimensional travel before she can pull out her weapon, but that’s not so much the case here.

As long as the ultimate expires while using her Tactical Ability, Wraith mains have a way to ambush foes without giving them much time to react at all.

The timing will be a bit tricky to get down, but that’s all it would take to add yet another offensive tactic in Wraith’s stacked toolkit to consistently pull it off.

It’s unclear if Respawn would want to patch out this interaction in Apex Legends, but people can get a ton of mileage from it while it’s in the game.

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