Simple Apex Legends trick is the perfect counter to Bloodhound’s ultimate

Bloodhound crouching near the Trials POI in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players have noticed that Bloodhound gives off another major hint other than the sound when using their ultimate, and it helps find anyone who is camping in a corner.

With the wide range of abilities and characters in Apex Legends, fans of Respawn’s battle royale have got a tonne of different ways to play. Want to be fast and rack up kills? Try Wraith and Pathfinder. Want to be more calculated? Crypto and Bloodhound are your picks.

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Though, the abilities are balanced for the most part, and players can easily counter – especially when it comes to ultimate.

In the case of Bloodhound, their Beast of the Hunt ultimate gives off a pulsating sound that can be heard by anyone nearby – not to mention the big dome of the scan that passes through areas when triggered. However, there is also another giveaway that players have noticed, and it helps show the Bloodhound’s location if they’re trying to camp.

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Respawn Entertainment
Bloodhound is, quite simply, one of Apex’s most popular legends.

That’s right, while you might listen out for the pulsating sound of the ultimate, you can also see a small glow through a wall or a door if the Bloodhound is sat there.

How is this case? Well, as Reddit user dewag shows, a Bloodhound in their game was sat in a corner trying to get a heal off. Though, because they were sat right up against the wall, the ultimate’s glow shone through.

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This allows eagle-eyed enemy players to see their position pretty easily. As dewag took advantage of it, they were able to catch the unsuspecting Bloodhound out, who must have assumed that they’d be fine otherwise.

Now, how practical this will be in every game is unknown. Not many Bloodhound’s pop their ultimate and then sit in a corner, apart from maybe in the final few circles.

Though, it is worth just looking out for in a game. Who knows, it could be the next 1000 IQ play like how Pathfinder’s are pretending to be MRVN bots.

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