Simple Apex Legends trick gives Maggie mains a perfect counter to Gibraltar

. 25 days ago
Mad Maggie in Apex Legends
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Apex Legends players are salivating over this simple Mad Maggie trick that allows her to outplay any team playing behind the comfort of a Gibraltar bubble. 

Mad Maggie was added to the Apex Games in Season 12, making her the 17th member of the ever-growing roster.

While she’s only seen middling success in terms of pick rate even after her post-release peak, the Rebel Warlord has proven to be useful in certain scenarios.

This limited effectiveness has kept her an off-meta pick for more than a season now, but she does have a clever way of rooting pesky Gibraltar mains out of their bubbles, which does make Mad Maggie significantly more viable in niche situations.

How Mad Maggie counters Gibraltar

Mad Maggie in blue skin in Apex Legends
Maggie has some very clever uses when it comes to attacking a fortified opponent.

Reddit user Tizeps showed how Mad Maggie can completely counter fortified enemies like Gibraltar. The entire strategy hinges on being able to close the distance towards Gibraltar bubble before his team can take advantage of your rotation.

Shooting her tactical at the side of the bubble that is closest to Maggie can help keep them at bay.

Once the gap has been closed all that is left to be done is let her Beyblade-looking ultimate ability rip and watch the enemies come flying out of their precious cover like they’ve just bounced off a trampoline.

As seen in the clip above, when done right this can lead to completely taking over the interior of the bubble and maybe even gaining some accidental damage from the ring for the luckiest players.

Even if it only displaces the big guy on the other side, that still leaves a huge opportunity for any eager Maggie mains to get into the thick of the fight and put that shotgun-wielding passive ability to work

This can also work against enemies hiding behind Rampart walls but takes a touch more skill to land the ult in the right place. Regardless, it’s nice to be aware off all the available options Mad Maggie provides when running into that kind of staunch defense.

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