Simple Apex Legends trick changes direction of Gravity Cannons

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Gravity Cannons have proven to be the best escape tools in Apex Legends, but their static flight path does mean your getaway is predictable. This simple new trick alleviates that pain by allowing you to change your trajectory and the direction you fly in.  

The only downside to Storm Point’s Gravity Cannons is that, unless you’re playing Horizon, the cannons will land each legend that uses it in the exact same spot.

This isn’t such a problem if you’ve got a lead on the people chasing you, but if there’s only a narrow gap between you and your pursuer, then these lifts are likely only delaying the inevitable.

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One crafty player has found a way to change this narrative though, and pulling it off is as simple as throwing a punch.

How to change the direction of Apex Legends’ Gravity Cannons

Apex Legends Gravity Cannons are a perfect getaway tool with this new trickRespawn Entertainment
If you want to throw enemies off your trail this is the easiest way to make it happen.

If you’ve used the Gravity Cannons even once in Season 11 then you know how they work: a Legend stands in the machine which causes it to load up before launching them into the air towards some faraway location further up the map.

If you want to change that pre-determined landing spot, then you only need to punch the nearest wall as the machine readies your flight.

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The timing is key here so it might take a couple of tries to perfect it but when done properly, the cannon will allow you to land well short of its intended flight path, sending any would-be assailants soaring safely overhead.

If doing this wasn’t enough, you could always turn back to the cannon and ready yourself for another launch if you’re being chased after the initial attempt.

There’s also the option of pairing this with Horizon’s Spacewalk passive to really keep the opposing team on skates as you dash away to safety.

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