Simple Apex Legends training mode overhaul would be perfect for future rework

Crypto's drone in apex legends firing practice modeRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players are still hoping that Respawn will hear their calls and change the Firing Range practice mode, as they’ve got a few more ideas for changes. 

For many players, hot dropping into a game or two of Apex Legends is just about all the warm-up they need before taking things seriously. Though, there are plenty of other fans who utilize the Firing Range beforehand.

The practice mode allows players to use every weapon, and legend, to see what works best for them before a match. Though, players have regularly called for changes and updates.

Recent leaks have suggested that moving targets, among other things, will soon descend on the Firing Range. However, there are some other additions that players are eager to use.

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Apex Legends Firing Range modRespawn Entertainment
The Firing Range is the perfect place to test out Legend abilities and practice techniques.

One idea was tossed out by Redditor Snoo-16495, who stated that Respawn would be smart to add fully-stocked deathboxes around the practice area so that players, especially those who use controller, can practice their inventory sorting skills.

That spawned additional ideas from other fans, including a suggestion that would allow players to take on their friends in warm-up fights. “What the Firing Range needs is a single building with 2 floors and doors, like the buildings near caustic treatment.. so at least a practice 1v1 fight with a friend can be simulated,” said ashkenov.

Another player suggested that jump towers could also be added to an expanded Firing Range, so that players could get their flight and landing patterns perfected too.

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As noted, changes to the practice arena are seemingly in the works, but they probably don’t go as far as some fans would clearly like.

Some suggestions do, ultimately, make sense to have but as Respawn have said before, there is a limit on things because of the stress too much content puts on the servers – which is why we don’t have killcams.