Simple Apex Legends tip reduces recoil with any weapon


There’s a simple but effective Apex Legends trick that will reduce the impact of recoil, regardless of what weapon you’re using. 

The developers on Apex Legends are always switching up the meta with new weapons, Legends, and balancing changes, but the basic fundamentals of the gameplay have remained true throughout.

As a result, players are constantly finding tricks, new and old, that help them get a leg up on their opponents in the Apex Games, be it the best way to use a legend, a clever map rotation, or when to use certain weapons.

Even for long-time players, mastering the weapons can be quite difficult, especially when you pull out something like the R-99, which has some wild recoil.

The R-99 is incredibly popular in Apex, but it’s recoil can be quite wild.

Well, while players have found neat little tricks in the past to train themselves on the different recoil patterns, there is one technique that even the most casual of Apex player can use.

As demonstrated by YouTuber chiknnuggey, this technique is very simple. All you need to do is strafe while shooting. Combine this with your usual technique of controlling the recoil with your mouse or controller, and you’ll notice an immediate difference.

Pulling down on a mouse, or controller thumbstick, will counteract vertical recoil. But, when you add strafing into the mix, you counteract the horizontal recoil too. Thus, your shots will be hitting whatever target you center on pretty consistently.

Newer players often fall in to the trap of standing still to help manage recoil, but top-level players are constantly moving in Apex. This is very different to competitive shooters, like CS:GO or Valorant, where movement will firing will seriously impact your accuracy.

By strafing, you also make yourself a little harder to hit as well, which is a positive. You’ll just need to spend some time in Firing Range and training mode, shooting at the dummies and targets to get it all down pat. Once you do, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.