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Handy Apex Legends tip makes finding Rampart’s ultimate much easier

Published: 31/Aug/2020 14:08 Updated: 31/Aug/2020 20:36

by Connor Bennett


Ever been caught out by a Rampart ultimate while rotating to the next safe zone? Well, there’s a simple tip that every Apex Legends player should know about being able to spot it on the map. 

With the start of Season 6, Rampart was finally added to Apex Legends’ ever-growing roster of characters – adding some unique abilities to the battle royale. 

The defensive legend has a passive that increases magazine size by 15% and decreases reload time by 25%, a tactical in Amped Cover that lets her through down a small wall and shoot through it to give her weapons a small boost.

However, it’s her ultimate – the mini-gun she calls Sheila – that really packs a punch. The deployable mini-gun can rip through enemies who step into its crosshairs, but if you don’t want to get caught, there’s a simple tip to keep in your back pocket. 

Rampart in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
The new Apex Legends season has given fans the chance to finally play as Rampart.

How to find active Rampart ultimates in Apex Legends

Whenever a Sheila is placed throughout a match – be it on World’s Edge or Kings Canyon – a small icon will appear on your map that indicates where it is. 

It’s only small, yes, but you can see the outline of a white minigun – as Reddit user Ornography points out. That means that you can plot its position on the map and find a way to either avoid its line of fire or head there and see if there is a team to take down. 

There’s no way of telling if a team is still in the area of the minigun, so you will just have to chance it. But knowing where Sheila has been placed should help make few decisions a little easier for you. 

Obviously it’s not a tip that will guarantee you wins, but it’s better off being able to know if a Rampart is waiting for you at a chokepoint than going in blind. 

Respawn could tweak the way it works moving forward – saying removing the icon from the map after a set period of time – but as of now, that’s not the case.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 7 Ranked changes: Split dates, maps, crossplay

Published: 26/Oct/2020 19:27 Updated: 26/Oct/2020 20:19

by Alan Bernal


Respawn have revealed what’s to come for Ranked play in Apex Legends Season 7 Ascension, which is going to have two splits across different maps, including the new Olympus arena, and crossplay progression between PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

The studio’s long term plans of merging their communities into one playlist has finally been realized. But progression towards your rank could play out differently depending on who you squad up with in the Apex Arena.

The Season 7 reveal held its fair share of twists and surprises, like a closer look at Olympus and the new Legend named Horizon, the devs also told us how the Ranked season will be split up.

Players grinding up to Predator will want to know when the mid-season reset will land as well as how rank progression will apply to teams with platters on multiple platforms.

apex legends season 7 horizon
Respawn Entertainment
Horizon will launch with Apex Legends Season 7 Ascension.

Apex Ranked split dates and maps

The Ranked season in Apex is going to be broken into two different splits. One that takes place on Olympus, and the other moving to World’s Edge before the Ascension ends.

The Apex Legends community will be playing on the new map from the start of Season 7 on November 4 to December 15. After that, not only will ranks reset for everyone but teams will be switching over to World’s Edge for the rest of the way until Season 8.

For those keeping track, this means that Kings Canyon won’t be featured in Ascension’s Ranked playlists, though the devs said it would “return in a later season.”

apex legends crossplay
Respawn Entertainment
Crossplay in Apex Legends will have ranked implications for people on multiple platforms.

Ranked Leagues and Crossplay

Console players who opt into crossplay will be able to play with anyone else on Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch. But we warned, if you have one PC player on your team, that means you’ll also be pooled with anyone else on Origin or Steam.

Even though this should dramatically expand the pool of players to matchmake, just know that having someone on PC will invite other players using mouse and keyboard.

Other than that, matchmaking will be the same as normal and lobbies will still be sorted by RP count. For people in Master or Apex Predator ranks, Ranked matches will only earn RP on the platform you’re on.

So if you’re in those particular rank leagues and want to climb higher on PS4, then it won’t carry over to your progress on Xbox or PC.

Season 6 Rank Rewards

Before the end of Season 6, Respawn will of course close out the era with rank-specific rewards for people to add to their inventory.

Respawn Apex Legends Season 6 rewards rank
Respawn Entertainment
Players that achieved Gold to Apex Predator will get exclusive Season 6 Rank rewards in the form of a charm.

There’s going to be everything from Dive Trails to Badges and Charms that correspond to where you ended up in the Rankings by the time Season 7 rolls around.

An overload of content is coming to Apex Legends in Season 7, so keep it tuned to @Dexerto and our Apex Legends channels for all the latest news.